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Broaching Tools - Special Individually Designed and Manufactured Broaching tools

Katexim Europe Limited supply high precision special individually designed and manufactured high precision quality broaching tools (broach cutting tools broach cutters).  We export to various parts of the world to a variety of industries such as the automotive, aircraft, train, ship, tractor, lock, chain, lift, wind, heavy engineering and  turbine power generating industries and various other industries that require precision tooling and machinery.

Our broaching tools are all specially designed and manufactured by skilled craftsmen working to extreme precise technical details and they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of broaching/trekfreazen.

We offer a variety of high precision, individually designed and manufactured special broaching tools of various types such as: spline broaching tools, keyway broaching tools, round broaching tools, flat broaching tools, square broaching tools, helical broaching tools, hexagon broaching tools, rack type broaching tools, fir tree broaching tools, dove tail broaching tools, internal broaching tools,  large full form finished broaching tools, surface broaching and hard broaching, pot broaching, brochade, brocce. In addition we offer a wide range of standard keyway type broaching tools and some rotary broaches for use on lathe and screw machines and tools for CNC machines. 

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Broaching is used when there is a requirement for precision machining . Where the machined surfaces may have circular and non-circular holes, splines, keyways, and flat surfaces.  It is often used on workpieces that are small to medium-sized such as castings, forgings, screw machine parts, and stamped pieces.  A broach can be thought of as a a single point cutting tool comprising of three parts i.e. roughing, semi-finishing, and  finishing.

Broaching is the preferred process over other means of processes when used for high quantity production runs or intricate work.


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Um not sure? Will you or won't you get the broaching job? That is the question.

Perhaps you have an enquiry for a job but you are not sure if you will get the order. However, you want to be ready with the tooling and machinery just in case the order might come to you. It maybe is a bit of a risky decision for you to make.  Come to us and we will try to help you with a solution to your problem.

Please send your broaching tool enquiry to us via our contact form stating your requirements and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry for broaching tools and any of our other products.. 

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