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Hobs for Gear Cutting



Katexim Europe Limited provide world class precision engineering hobs.  A variety of hobs for gear making

Hobs in Carbide or PM. Available as shell or shank type as well as Pre-cutting and Finishing hobs. Hobs are available with standard tooth profiles or with special optimised tooth forms taking into account the requested operating parameters, the process parameters or the cutting parameters.

Bore or shank style hobs, worm wheel hobs, multi start, dual lead and special profiles.

Precision engineering hobbing tools manufactured to your requirements.  Please send your enquiry to us via the contact form on our contact page stating your specific requirements and we will be happy to assist you further with your enquiry for engineering hobs.   



We also can offer new and used hobbing machines. Please ask for details.

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Master gear is used for checking the precision of the gear, especially in the automobile and aerospace industries.  It features high precision, long tool life, and excellent efficiency.  When the master gear engages with the gear on the rolling fixtures, the value of the tooth is inspected by a variety of indicators, chart of other indicating devices, etc.



Reduction of cycle time.  Faster cutting with more hob teeth

Reduction of hob wear Reduced hob tooth flank wear and overlead because of double hob cutting edge compared to a conventional hob


More savings increased productivity through increased tool life

Most effective when cutting large module gears and gears with many teeth

Applicable range

Module 6. Module 32 A bigger module is more effective

The above specification for the hob may be changed at the customer’s request.


The teeth and body are assembled separately and with different materials

An advantage is that the cutting condition is efficient controlled relief angle

Cost effective with lower material price for body

Useful for high speed cutting with controlled arbor.

The manufacturing process is complex

The out diameter of built up hob increases more than that of a standard gear hob

It requires more flexible delivery terms than a standard gear hob


A worm hob design is based on the worm shaft specification.  There are no standards for worm gear hobs.  Generally this hob is manufactured as ZK type.  Since the overall dimensions of the hob are determined by the worm shaft and wheel data, please specify the following data when order:

Normal or axial module, DP

Out dia or pitch dia of worm

Worm lead angle

Number of threads and hand of thread

In case of shank type, shank standard

Contact ratio (Non standard) Standard contact ratio is general 20 – 30% and users can select either hole or shank type


It’s difference is based on the tooth maker.  Please discuss when you order

The out diameter of hob is decided without diameter of worm and sometimes it is impossible to produce with an Arbor Typ Hob

When ordering a combination worm hob and arbor, please provide the arbor specification, taper of the hobbing machine, setting bolt standard and hob rotating direction.

In addition specify whether the contact of the arbor is right or left.


A spline gear is used when the power transmits in the same rotating direction.  The tooth profile is an involute profile.  The specification is needed when order, as each country has a standard which follows their module value.

Fitted surface of tooth Fitted major diameter ax

Germany’s industrial spline standard (pressure angle 30 degrees ANSI B92.2 USA inch system standard JIS/KS D2001, B1603 standard


Out diameter and tolerance for parallel side spline (D)

Root diameter and tolerance for parallel side spline (d)

The width and tolerance for parallel side (N)

Amount of chamfer, grinding and LUG for parallel side spline hob

Amount of grinding when it grinds during the process

Standard and type for hob

Parallel side spline hob can be divided into 1 type and 2 type ex As shown in the table below, it is divided into MAJ dia and MIN dia


  1. Belt specification (pitch and belt type)
  2. Belt maker’s instructions
  3. NT of pulley
  4. 4. Pulley profile (details view)
  5. 5. Hob dimensions (OD X L X d)

Note.  When you order please provide the name of the belt maker because each manufacturer’s tooth profile varies.  Even if the standard for the timing hob you request is the same tooth profile, it may be different according to the belt maker.

Standard formula for pulley gear

M= CP ÷    π

PCD= mxz



Carbide hobs can cut gears down powerfully at high speed which brings higher efficiency of production than conventional HSS hobbing.

Module M05 m2.0

Accuracy class DIN3968 class A/AA/AAA


High cutting speeds

Short machining times

A longer tool life than conventional HSS cutter

Time saving per piece for gear manufacture

High productivity

Machining precision

Improved working environment by employing dry cutting

High suitability for dry machining

Lower gear generation cost


ASA Tooth Profile Standard for chain ASA 1 ASA2 JUS 2 JIS U DIN BS

Pitch for chain, Roll diameter, No of chain

Specification for arbor which uses customer’s machine

Note The measurement for standard DIN/BS (8180, 8187, 8188) is

different so it needs to be specified when you order.



Increased productivity Special HSS and multi layer coating increased cutting ability more than double compared to conventional hobs

Cost savings increased tool life and reduced cycle time lead to cost saving efficiently

Friendly to environment Production without cutting oil

Successful results required Need a good hobbing machine for turbo cutting

Application Mass production of gears (high volume)


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