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Removal of Metal Swarf Particles


As well as  general  industrial vacuum cleaners for removal of swarf particles and other debris, there is a whole host of magnetic equipment for removing swarf.

Magnetic Conveyors for transporting away metal swarf particules from machinery.  Machinery for swarf  crushing, drying, recycling, compacting, removing and filtrations systems for oil separation and recycling. See also the next pages on this website for swarf preparation details.




fork lift magnetjpg        floor fork lift          Sammelmagnet unten Kopie





   floor magneticmagnetGRM XL magnet forklift


The terrain cleaning magnets are used to clean open-air site, traffic areas and large-scale industrial buildings from metal parts lying around.  Take dangerous items such as shavings, nails, screws, stamping parts and so on, thus protecting your employees and vehicles.

The magnets are made of a super strong neodymium magnet system, which is built, extremely stable, in a steel case with stainless steel base plate. They are simply added to the forklift fork and out across the floor. The taken parts can then be resolved from the magnet by moving the shift lever.  So metal waste can be dropped directly on a container or tank.


Magnetic Lifting Equipment is also available please. enquire.



The magnetic seven sold as one bundle consisting of our favourite magnetic tools.  One flexible magnetic pick up tool, one magnetic swarf/chip collector, one heavy duty magnetic sweeper, one magnetic telescopic lightweight pick up tool, one magnetic pick up stick, one small lightweight magnetic sweeper, and one magnetic clutch.  See details below.


One Flexible Pick-up Tool


flexible retrieval toolMAG RETRIEVAL TORCH CLAW

Semi-rigid, bendable pick-up tool, ideal for retrieving difficult to reach objects



One Magnetic Swarf Chip Collector

magnetic pick up stick       

This  is used for the rapid collection of shavings and other metal parts, for cleaning the workplace, the machine or for the collection of metal parts from waste or ash. The collected metal parts are removed by pulling the rear release button.


One Magnetic Sweeper

Heavy Duty Magnetic Sweeper


 heavy duty magnetic sweeper  heavy duty sweeper operation

Ideal for the removal of metal swarf  from factory floors and adjoining office corridors. Light weight sweepers and heavy duty sweepers

The heavy duty magnetic sweeper is used to collect  chips, nails, stampings and other ferro magnetic small parts, from hard surface floors, which are usually difficult to sweep or absorb. The permanent magnet system with magnetic field is located in a mobile, stable housing made ​​of stainless steel sheet. The wheels are not lateral but arranged behind the housing, which means, corners can be cleaned easier. The height is adjustable.   Wheels can also be adjusted for uneven terrain. All housing parts are made ​​of stainless steel, the machine is maintenance free and also suitable for outdoor work. Via the pedal, the magnetic field is switched off and the collected particles fall down from the machine. These devices are used in metal processing plants, on construction sites and in recycling,


One Telescopic Pick-up Tool


Powerful neodymium iron boron magnets are used to ensure maximum pull from a small magnetic.  Ideal for retrieving ferrous objects that are out of reach.  Could alsoi be used as a presentation pointer!


One Magnetic Pick up stick

magnetic pick up stick   mag pole

Multifunction lightweight  telescopic magnetic retrieval tool


One Small Lightweight Magnetic Sweeper

  .med sweeper 1

Small magnetic sweeper for collecting metal particles from floors.  Lightweight and can  be quickly and easily used or transported.


One Magnetic Grip (Metal plate drags)

magnetic clutch

Magnetic metal plate drags are used as a flexible attachable handle on steel parts and sheets. They are simply placed in the desired location and released mechanically again.  Ideal for solid and rolled sheet metal parts,   Hand magnets are especially recommended on sheet metal parts such as laser cutting, which can be recorded poorly or have sharp edges, quickly implement by hand. The magnets are used by lateral tilting of the workpiece.

Please send your enquiry via our contact page and we will be happy to assist you with your enquiry regarding magnetic swarf removing equipment at Katexim Europe. 

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